Our world is defined by our knowledge, skills and experience, not our background

Our worldview defines our world. Our knowledge and experience define our worldview.

We can change our life by changing our worldview.

Our worldview defines who we are. It defines how we think, act and live.

The first step in changing anything is awareness.

The 3 critical elements in life

Knowledge lets us make informed decisions.

Experience lets us avoid the wrong decision.

Skills let us make a fast decision.

With access to vast knowledge, experience and skills, we could make a better decision.


For example, to buy a loaf of bread.

Knowledge tells us which types of bread to pick.

Experience tells us to pick the bread with the right taste and texture.

Skills let us do this fast and accurately.

Anyone can pursue such knowledge, experience and skills.

No excuse

With the advanced technologies that allow us to do so, there is no excuse not to do so.

We can learn how to cook, act, play basketball from Youtube, not to mention the 100 over free educational platforms out there.

The pursue of meaning in life.

I have in life met many people who tried to search for meaning in life. People who tried to find out who they are and how to acquire happiness.

Meaning in any form is to be created, not search. The universe was born without any meaning. The human gave it meaning, in our own words.


I think life is about creation. We, as human beings, were given the power to think and create, which makes us the most powerful being on Earth.

We were given the responsibilities to create and to pursue the knowledge of the grand universe. We use our insights, experience and abilities to create meaning in life.

Great Leaders

Like most leaders, who dedicated their life to creation – from making home computers possible to sending rockets to Mars.

Internally vs externally

The meaning of life lives internally, whereas the creation lives externally. We live for ourselves, but we do for others.

Final thoughts

I was once in life asked myself the question about meaning in life. Someone once told me that life has no meaning. I didn’t understand back then; I still don’t understand now. But I hope in my next few years, I could understand it more.

But even if I understood it, will it change my life?

Because if it changes my thinking, it could change how I possibly live.


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